Flying can be painful. Imagine how painful it can be on your ears when your sinuses are blocked!


Many passengers complain of sore ears and sinuses when they fly. Pressure build up is common but sometimes can affect you for days after you have flown. This can be prevented with the use of decongestants and Earplanes.

Ear Pain

  • The patented ceramic filter within the medical grade silicon EarPlane slows down the rate of pressure change in the ear, alleviating the symptoms experienced by sufferers of ear discomfort when the cabin pressure changes rapidly during take-off and landing. EarPlanes also act as an effective noise suppressor.


    Available in two sizes for children and adults.

  • Unblock your sinuses with a decongestant to reduce the pressure build up during your flight. Whether you've got a cold, blocked sinuses from hayfever or just got off a flight and your ears are blocked - a decongestant can effectively reduce the pain.


    Decongestants available as tablets and nasal sprays.